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How it works

Automated ticket registration

The system automatically accepts requests, sent by email or via the web application. The operators can manually register (on behalf of a customer) requests, submitted by phone or through other communication channels.

Ticket processing

An operator can confirm the ticket acceptance by assigning one or more operators to process the request.


Each subsequent reply by an operator or the customer is added to the ticket. Replies can be sent by email or via the web application.

Automated mailbox setup

The system supports an unlimited number of departments and atuomatically creates a mailbox to collect requests for each department.

Customer Benefits

Instant confirmation

The customer receives an instant notification by email when a new ticket is created and when the ticket is acknowledged by an operator.


The system allows the customer to select the priority of each ticket.

Communication trail

Each ticket stores the full communication between the customer and the operators.

Organisation / Operator Benefits


Multiple operators can process a ticket together. There is quick access to all messages and operators receive an indication when another operator is replying to the same ticket.

Increased efficiency

The system provides an easy mechanism for tracking new tickets, open tickets and tickets on hold, as well as the list of operators currently assigned to each ticket. There is an operator in charge for each ticket who is responsible for the successful resolution of the ticket.

Communication history

Operators can easily review all tickets, related to a given customer or organisation. It is also possible to search for tickets by keyword. is the largest hosting company in Bulgaria. We serve over 50000 customers. When we had to choose a new support system for our company, we looked for a solution that's user-friendly, fast and scalable. A few years and over a million customer tickets later we are sure that we have made the right choice.

 - Lyubomir Rusanov
Lyubomir Rusanov
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