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Clients is the largest hosting company in Bulgaria. We serve over 50000 customers. When we had to choose a new support system for our company, we looked for a solution that's user-friendly, fast and scalable. A few years and over a million customer tickets later we are sure that we have made the right choice.

 - Lyubomir Rusanov
Lyubomir Rusanov

Providing an excellent support service to our growing customer base has been a major success for Property Portfolio Software. From an early stage we knew we needed a help desk ticketing solution that would allow us to keep a complete and accurate log of all customer support requests and would also grow to become an invaluable knowledgebase for our own support team.

We chose Aikidesk as it is incredibly easy to use and customise. We never have a day when we don’t feel that we are in complete control of all our support tickets!

 - Amer Siddiq
Amer Siddiq

A business is only as good as its customer service including its handling of its helpdesk, and Aikidesk has never let Tax Insider down. We use it for both managing customer enquiries and for internal product development/enhancements. The system has always been glitch free and its simplicity in dealing with tickets from creation to closing is seamless. Given the fact that there is a complete log of correspondence between our internal team and the end customer makes resolving any issues about what was said simplicity itself. A highly recommended ticketing system indeed.

 - Sue Dyson
Sue Dyson

The level of support that a customer gets generally defines a company and we at Landlord Vision strive to deliver what is expected of us, and more, and that is all down to the brilliant ticketing system that Aikidesk provide. We have a clear overview of new, open and closed tickets, and a complete historical log of all correspondence between us and the customer, making responding to and resolving issues much more effective. Our customers have confidence in us because we have absolute confidence in Aikidesk!

 - Emmeline Jarvis
Emmeline Jarvis
Business Support Manager

I’ve worked with the developers of Aikidesk for more than ten years, and had the opportunity to use an early release of the application. Aikidesk is a very configurable, yet easy to use, help desk system. The UI is clean, and the application is intuitive for customers. The developers are extremely responsive, and support is top notch. I highly recommend Aikidesk for anyone seeking a new help desk system.

 - Sidney VanNess, Ph. D.
Sidney VanNess, Ph. D.